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Aeromantia is passionate about setting a standard of excellence in the aircraft sales and leasing industry, while committed to abiding by a code of ethics of the highest moral standards.  

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Exclusive Broker & Remarketing Services

Our brokering and remarketing services offer the necessary utilities to sell commercial aircraft, corporate aircraft, general aviation aircraft, helicopters, experimental aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, warbirds, and turbine engines at the correct market value.

Selling Aircraft

In all cases, our clients deserve the maximum possible value for their aircraft upon its sale/disposition. Selling price is always a function of market timing, market knowledge, and marketing techniques. Our clients also deserve to know when it is better to sell, and when it is better to hold. Through up-to-the-minute, day-to-day research of the various aircraft markets, as well as an established dealer network, Aeromantia is a specialist in determining the precise balance of price point versus holding time on the market.

Short on Time?

When the speed of sale is of the utmost importance, Aeromantia may consider the purchase of your aircraft for our inventory or for part out purposes.

Client Confidentiality

Many clients have a need for us to keep the sale of their aircraft confidential. It is the right of any and every aircraft owner to be able to sell one of their high dollar assets in privacy. Aeromantia is highly skilled in finding buyers for your aircraft in the most confidential manner.

Client Requirements

We will immediately set up personal or phone meetings to evaluate your specific needs in the sale of your aircraft. Every client has different needs. One client may need to minimize holding costs and time-on-market, while the other may need to maximize selling price regardless of holding time. Our US based clients will often need to orchestrate a sale within the acceptable timing of an IRS code 1031 exchange or reverse exchange in coordination with the purchase of a different aircraft. All of this requires highly experienced professionals to manage the sales process.

Technical Representation

We will construct a technical specification package that gives prospective buyers insight into the specific features and components that make your aircraft advantageous over competing aircraft on the market. Technical presentation of your aircraft is crucial to making international and domestic sales. Our team consists of professionals with extensive technical and operational experience with all types of aircraft.

Price Point Selection

We will survey the current marketplace competition and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your aircraft against the competing aircraft. With your consent and approval, we will price your aircraft at exactly the right number to maximize the relationship between selling price and holding cost. Our prices are specification based, market driven, and verified by an ISTAT or NAAA Certified Appraisal. With Aeromantia, you will never lose time or money because the airplane was priced in error or the sale conditions were not set correctly.

Marketing Channels

We have the means and strategy necessary to let prospective buyers and lessees know of your asset availability at the right time using our custom designed AERO DEPOT™ network listings, through our extensive global broker networks, ads in print magazines and newspapers, internet exposure, social media, e-mail marketing campaigns, direct mail, digital video productions, and brochure development. Using these tools, we can effectively target our campaigns for maximum exposure of your aircraft all over the world.

Personal Touch

There is no substitute for personal selling. Aeromantia is highly effective in adding that personal touch to the sale of your aircraft. We maintain strong relationships with all of our dealer/broker colleagues as well as the manufacturers and leasing companies, and often consummate sales because of our reputation in the industry for integrity. It is very often that our personal selling strategies combined with our sophisticated marketing channels that sell your aircraft in minimum time, at maximum return.

Viewings and Demonstrations

We will coordinate every aircraft showing to every prospective buyer that requests a showing and will take every necessary precaution to protect our clients from unqualified prospects or prospects that want a “demo flight” before they commit to the airplane. Negotiating with prospective aircraft buyers is an art and a science, and we have the experience and people to best protect your interests in the process. Demo flights are costly and create normal wear and tear on your aircraft – they should be reserved for only the final two or three buyers in the selling process.

Negotiations & Inspections

We take responsibility for negotiating and finalizing the formal aircraft purchase agreement and directing the pre-purchase inspection process. This event is often the most complicated and unpredictable stage of the selling process. It is imperative that you have a technically educated and experienced professional managing and negotiating on your behalf during the entire inspection and discrepancy remediation process.


When all of the aircraft sale or lease prerequisites are in place, Aeromantia will coordinate the closing, acceptance / delivery, escrow, bill of sale, and registration details.

Buyer's Agent Services

Our buyer's agent services offer the necessary utilities to buy or lease commercial aircraft, corporate aircraft, general aviation aircraft, helicopters, experimental aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, warbirds, and turbine engines at the correct market value.

Aircraft Acquisitions

While Aeromantia is highly experienced in the marketing, sales, and leasing of all aircraft types, we are equally experienced in the procurement and acquisition of aircraft on behalf of clients. Over 80% of aircraft are purchased by buyers who have professional representation by an aircraft broker / buyer's agent / consultant. Having someone represent your interests is a must in today’s aviation marketplace. There are a large number of potential pitfalls for an inexperienced aircraft buyer or lessee to navigate.  That is why it pays dividends to have an experienced and reputable agent on your side (the buyer's side) of the market.

Aircraft Requirement Assessment

The goal of a successful aircraft acquisition is to procure the best aircraft for your mission within the financial constrains of your enterprise and in accordance with what the market allows. An essential stage of the buying process occurs well before any market research has begun. This stage is known as the mission profile stage. In this stage, we spend as much time as is needed to assess the "mission" of your personal or business entity. Issues such as basic component and modification make-up, operating costs, trip distances, trip frequency, number of passengers, cargo requirements, runway issues at the most frequent destinations, and aircraft comfort features are addressed. Careful study of the performance specifications and operating costs by an experienced broker will reveal the best choices for your situation.

Access to Off-Market Aircraft

When clients retain Aeromantia to serve as their buyer agent, they open themselves up to a much wider range of aircraft options than they would otherwise have as a private, unrepresented buyer. This is due to our well-developed global network of aviation brokers, dealers, management companies, maintenance facilities, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft leasing companies, and aircraft lenders. Due to confidentiality and other related reasons, many aircraft sellers choose not to make the sale of their aircraft public knowledge. These are often some of the very best aircraft available, both in quality and price; however, only through a well-networked broker can a buyer obtain access to these confidential aircraft. There are many reasons why aircraft never make it to the open marketplace. Regardless, the private, unrepresented buyer will always have a narrow view of the marketplace and that view will inevitably contain the highest priced aircraft on the market. We know of aircraft that are available for sale months in advance. Aircraft often never make it to the market these days, because buyers with networked brokers are having their brokers contract on the airplane before anybody else hears about it.

Aircraft Search & Marketplace Intelligence

Our clients are amazed at how old and “stale” the information is in magazines and on the Internet. They often come to us very frustrated by the experience of continually pursuing aircraft (on their own) that eventually turn out to be withdrawn, sold, damaged, or unrealistically priced. This is simply the reality of advertising in the aircraft business. Very rarely, in any industry, will you find up-to-the-minute or completely accurate information in electronic or print advertising. However, the staff at Aeromantia works to ensure that our market data is up-to-date and accurate. Your agent will thoroughly research each candidate aircraft history, maintenance, history, inspect them personally, write an ISTAT or NAAA Certified Appraisal Report, perform an import / export analysis (if required), and develop letters of intent. If we present an aircraft, you can be assured that it is truly available and that it meets the standards to which we hold all aircraft that are pursued by Aeromantia.

Aircraft Negotiations

One of the main reasons our clients return to us for their aircraft needs is because we save them a lot of money. Aircraft selection and price negotiations are both an art and a science. We typically save our clients significant amounts of money on the aircraft acquisition price by finding quality aircraft at competitive prices and by using our negotiating power to obtain further savings for our client. In that savings alone, our clients realize the value of hiring a professional aircraft acquisition agent.

Aircraft Selection

When an aircraft is selected and price is agreed upon, Aeromantia takes responsibility for finalizing the formal aircraft purchase agreement and directing the pre-purchase inspection process. The formal purchase agreement and the pre-purchase inspection are the two most important elements of any aircraft purchase, specifically when it comes to protecting the interests of the buyer and minimizing future risk in such a high-value asset. The number one highest cost in the aircraft ownership life cycle is asset depreciation. Through effective negotiating and thorough aircraft inspection processes, clients of Aeromantia can be assured that they will be minimizing this reality of ownership.

Financing & Insuring Your Aircraft

We pride ourselves on maintaining healthy relationships with a variety of aircraft lenders and insurers. Our clients trust us to lead them to the right lender or insurer amid the unending number of aircraft lenders and insurers that are all claiming they can offer the best deal. We have no business alliances with any service providers, so our clients can be assured that we will recommend and assist in the procurement of the very best finance/lease/insurance solution for their aircraft acquisition.


When all of the aircraft purchase or lease prerequisites are in place, Aeromantia will coordinate the closing, acceptance / delivery, escrow, and registration details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aircraft broker?

An aircraft broker is an entitiy that brings a buyer and seller together to sell an aircraft for a commission.

What is an aircraft dealer?

An aircraft dealer buys aircraft for inventory and typically have financial strength to purchase aircraft and take trade-ins if necessary to make a deal.

What are the advantages of using an aircraft broker?

In most cases a quality broker can sell an aircraft much faster than an owner. A broker wants to sell your aircraft as soon as possible. A quality broker is a marketing expert you trust to act in your best interest. The broker reports to you regularly like a staff member that works on straight commission, without salary, without benefits. You have the benefit of years of experience working for you, experience you couldn't hire in any other manner for so short a time period.

What are the fees for Aeromantia's exclusive broker services?

We charge 6.0% of the selling price for aircraft sold under US$100,000; 5.5% of the selling price for aircraft sold from US$100,000-US$150,000; 5.0% of the selling price for aircraft sold from US$150,000-US$600,000; 4.5% of the selling price for aircraft sold from US$600,000-US$1,000,000; and 4.0% of the selling price for aircraft sales above US$1,000,000. An additional 1.0% will be applied to all aircraft with damage history.

What are the fees for Aeromantia's buyer's agent services?

Charges vary with the aircraft type being sought after. Typically, we charge an advance block fee in either an hourly rate or daily rate increments for acting as a buyer's agent. For some aircraft types, a flat fee is charged. Contact Aeromantia for a price quote.

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